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Get your company noticed. Getting investment capital in the early stages one way to expand and grow your business, but another which often sees a higher payout for entrepreneurs is to brining on an investment partner for a stake of your company after you have made significant progress. Join us for a discussion with Reinout te Brake of Spill Group and Michael Zeisser of Liberty Media, two investors with two strategies: the purchasing of destinations into one portfolio and purchasing controlling interest in established companies. Spill Group has collected a portfolio of 30 game portals mainly located in Europe and receives over 60 million unique visitors each month. Liberty Media owns 50% of the Game Show Network, a popular television offering in the United States and dozens of other high-profile international companies in new media.

Delivered at Casual Connect Amsterdam, February 2008



Michael ZeisserMichael P. Zeisser (email)

Michael P. Zeisser is Senior Vice President of Liberty Media Corporation, a leading media entertainment and communications company. Michael oversees Liberty Media’s activities in casual gaming, electronic commerce, and digital media. As part of his responsibilities at Liberty Media, Michael serves on the boards of GSN – The Network for Games (the leading US television network dedicated to game shows), Fun Technologies, GoPets Ltd, and several other eCommerce companies owned by Liberty Media.

Prior to joining Liberty Media, Michael was a partner in McKinsey & Company in New York, where he co-founded McKinsey’s eCommerce Practice, and was a leader of McKinsey’s Media & Entertainment and Private Equity practices. Michael served Fortune 500 incumbents, top Internet businesses and private equity firms on corporate strategy, organizational effectiveness and M&A issues. Michael was one of McKinsey’s leading experts on internet businesses and the impact of digital platforms in the consumer goods, services, and media industries. He was a frequent speaker on industry issues and has authored numerous.

Reinout teBrakeReinout teBrake (email)

Reinout is well connected within the global gaming and media industry. Currently he is the Group Strategist at SPILL GROUP and focussed on strategy & acquistions dedicated to the game industry. Prior to that Reinout operated as Business Development and Marketing Director of SPILL GROUP where he played a major role in transforming the company from a local game portal owner into a worldwide acting game-company, operating game portals in 20 countries, reaching over 60 million unique players a month. Under his supervision SPILL GROUP opened offices in Poland, France, Germany and China.